Heating, mixing, layering, scraping–these core techniques of the ancient art of encaustic painting underlie and empower the engaging recent works of Georgia Nassikas.  She combines beeswax from her own hives with pure pigments to deconstruct the world we see and experience in both settling and unsettling ways.  Perspectives shift, solid forms lift and fall, light glows seemingly from beneath the highly textured surfaces.  Georgia was Featured on The Nice Niche in November 2014.

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About The Niche Gallery:
Within its virtual walls, the gallery features original artwork for sale from Artists previously featured here @
Motivated by a passion towards the creative community, The Nice Niche, LLC was created to provide a visual aide for Artists and Small Businesses.
The intention of The Niche Gallery is to further the availability of select Artists, making original works available on a global scale without having to go to a gallery.
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