"I think picture making for me has always been a way of expressing my emotional response to the things I see on a daily basis. I’ve been working lately within the theme of repetition, but I know it won’t be long before I return to people, places and things. Someone said to me once, you need to stop trying to do everything and decide who you want to be known as, and put all of your focus solely in to making those kind of pictures... I knew that was never going to be me."—Ben Ferry, Featured on The Nice Niche in December 2015

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About The Niche Gallery:
Within its virtual walls, the gallery features original artwork for sale from Artists previously featured here @
Motivated by a passion towards the creative community, The Nice Niche, LLC was created to provide a visual aide for Artists and Small Businesses.
The intention of The Niche Gallery is to further the availability of select Artists, making original works available on a global scale without having to go to a gallery.
And while the buying decision is made by the viewer online, the actual purchase becomes a personal and private exchange, as one would in a walled gallery.

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