In 2014, we realized a need to create something beyond the bounds of a traditional business model—To design for the sake of designing—Art for Art’s sake (who is Art anyway?) We took a step away from monetary aspects and chose to pay the industry back in a refreshing yet sophisticated way. We found ourselves asking others for their work, in turn inspiring our own, creating visual essays that tell stories and feed the creative revolution.

Motivated by a passion towards the creative community, The Nice Niche was created to provide a visual aide for other Artists and Small Businesses.

The Nice Niche is designed, created and curated by Breakwater Design & Consulting LLC. Beyond the services presented on this website, they also provides print and web design to a variety of clients among a wide range of industries. Their brand creations have time-tested longevity, and their simplistic, clean design style has been described as "refreshing", "bold" and "dynamic".


If you would like to suggest a Featured Subject or would like to contact us, please fill out the form above.

There are no fees associated with being a Featured Subject on The Nice Niche.

Photography will either be provided by the subject, with appropriate credits given to the photographers, or we can arrange to have pictures taken by a professional for a fee (based on the availability of each location). All photography must meet the high visual standards of the website.

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