The Nice Niche is designed, created and curated by Ryan M. Salinetti, a Designer who splits her time living and working in Southampton, New York and Lee, Massachusetts. Beyond the services presented on this website, she also provides print and web design to a variety of clients among a wide range of industries. Her brand creations have time-tested longevity, and her simplistic, clean design style has been described as "refreshing", "bold" and "dynamic". More of her work can be found on her portfolio website: as well as through her other companies at


If you would like to suggest a Featured Subject or would like to contact us, please fill out the form above.

There are no fees associated with being a Featured Subject on The Nice Niche.

Each layout design is dynamic, individual and created by a professional design team. As with magazine pictorials, edits to layouts by individual business owners/artists are not permitted, although suggestions are welcome.

Photography will either be provided by the subject, with appropriate credits given to the photographers, or we can arrange to have pictures taken by a professional for a fee (based on the availability of each location). All photography must meet the high visual standards of the website.

The Niche Gallery (currently under construction)

Within its virtual walls, the gallery features original artwork for sale from Artists previously featured on

Motivated by a passion towards the creative community, The Nice Niche was created to provide a visual aide for other Artists and Small Businesses. The intention of The Niche Gallery is to further the availability of select Artists, making original works available on a global scale without having to go to a gallery. And while the buying decision is made by the viewer online, the actual purchase becomes a personal and private exchange, as one would in a walled gallery. With a variety of media available, The Niche Gallery plans to grow to present no more than 12 artists.

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