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Port Call @ HarborArts

It's December. It's cold, it's grey, and everyone could use a little body heat. On the 13th, for one night, HarborArts is taking over an old industrial warehouse in the East Boston shipyard and transforming it into PORT CALL, a pop-up art exhibition and live music event featuring some of the most compelling contemporary artists on the scene. Rum and cocktails from Dirty Water Distillery.  Awesome snacks from KO Pies. Food and drink are included in the $30 advance ticket.

Tickets and info:
use promo code "niceniche" for $5 off advance ticket!

Date and Time:

December 13th
7pm - 12am

Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina
Building 32
256 Marginal Street
East Boston, MA 02128

All proceeds support local artists and arts programming in the shipyard.

HarborArts, Inc. is a collaborative community whose sole purpose is to protect and preserve our oceans and waterways by helping each of us to understand the issues and solutions facing our blue planet. HarborArts uses monumental sculpture and public art to raise awareness of our mission.

Our effort is global but our story begins here in the Boston Harbor with one man and a big fish; a forty-foot Cod.

Steve Israel, founder of HA, is a man who is passionate about our ocean planet and believes firmly that through art, you can raise public awareness. Combine this with a background as an artisan with an extensive knowledge of the salvage industry as well as organic farming and you know that the result will be interesting.

Watching the daily interactions between people and the sea from his live-aboard at the Boston Harbor Shipyard, Steve came to this simple realization; that each of our small actions has far reaching consequences.

Our effort is global but our story begins here in the Boston Harbor with one man and a big fish; a forty-foot Cod.

Wherever land meets the sea there is an opportunity to educate and inspire people. Starting in Boston, HarborArts sees its call to action attracting worldwide attention as it increasingly plays host to public art projects, community events, a marketplace for reclaimed materials, and educational programs that further HarborArts’ goal of helping people understand and respect our valuable water resources.

HarborArts opened our first international outdoor gallery on the grounds of the Boston Harbor Shipyard in 2010. Works from over 30 artists representing 3 continents, many of which are made from natural & salvaged materials, are on loan from the artists for at least a year. New installations will be made seasonally. For more information on the Outdoor Gallery and what's new at HarborArts check the News page.

Our website is on its way to becoming the on-line nexus of information, experience and ideas for creative use of waterfront environments around the world. Promoting education, conservation, and the arts, exists to connect you to the most important issues and dynamic solutions of our time. For us, Blue is making waves for the new Green.