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Sculpture for Home & Garden, Dodds & Eder Home Sculpture Garden, Sag Harbor NY



Garden Picnic: Saturday, July 25th - 5-7PM

Dodds & Eder Home & Sculpture Garden
11 Bridge Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Contact:  Kathy Zeiger @ 917.239.0493

Hours:    Wed -Mon 10am-5pm,
Sunday 10am -4pm, closed Tuesday.

Zeiger Arts @ Dodds & Eder Home Gallery & Sculpture Garden is pleased to announce, “Sculpture for HOME and GARDEN,” a group show featuring several contemporary sculptors. Featured indoor are sculptures by Robert Hooke [NEW] and Norbert Kimmel [NEW]. Featured outside in the garden are sculptors Robert Gurr [NEW] and returning are beloved East End Artists Dennis Leri, Michael Chiarello, David Elze and Jerelyn Hanrahan.

Robert Hooke recently landed at Dodds & Eder Home after he closed his eponymous gallery in Sag Harbor last fall. As an artist whose sculptures embrace “the stance of his subject”, Robert keenly observes in nature the animals he carves. He races yachts solo competitively around the world; he hunts game in Africa, and he is a polo player. His bold adventures give him the opportunity to be closer than average to his subject. As fearless and edgy Robert chooses to live, he manages to create sublimely beautiful sculptures. On view inside Dodds and Eder are many animals some he has encountered in the East End.

Norbert Kimmel is a German artist who lives and works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A seasoned traveler across continents in his youth, he began his career working in art collectives in Berlin, before moving to NYC in 1998.  Upon his arrival, his work became quickly in demand. He participated in multiple NYC gallery shows; his sculptures desired by several collectors. His work received national recognition through his large light and sculpture installations in Barney's retail stores across the country. The whirlwind came to stop with a brain aneurysm in 2010. As he spent his time healing, he decided to return his focus away from commercial enterprise to studio work. He began a new series of sculptures: “Tensegrities: Archimedian & Platonic Solids”. Looking for inspiration to find balance in his life and his work, he began to study the famed French architect David George Emmerich. Mr. Emmerich invented the concept of ""tensegrity": tensing and compression counterbalance each other to form a light, auto-stable and permanent polyhedral configuration.”* Norbert spent several years creating “basic shapes set in geometry” on the computer. He understood quickly working on the computer took away his desire to build with his hands; he moved back to producing his metalworks. Says Norbert,  “I am knitting in spaces geometric spheres” and so goes on his fascinating artistic travels.


And rounding out the NEW in the outdoor gardens - artist Robert Gurr is a sculptor who carves Bluestone he acquires from a quarry in the Catskills. He lives and works in Huntington, LI. His work is one-of-a-kind water features [water fountains], he carves and layers Bluestone, a natural stone found in the US, in the northeast. Robert’s exquisitely crafted designs only borrow from nature, what is left alone defines his intimate understanding of the material he prefers to design.

Artists Dennis Leri, Michael Chiarello, David Elze and Jerelyn Hanrahan all return to the outdoor gardens. For additional images and information, contact

Kathy Zeiger at 917.239.0493.