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Ted Asnis Abstracts @ Bobby Vans Steakhouse, Bridgehampton NY (through September 7th)

Sag Harbor artist, Ted Asnis, proudly presents a new series of paintings in an Art Exhibition entitled ‘Ted Asnis Abstracts’ at Bobby Vans Steakhouse in Bridgehampton, New York. The show opened this month and will run through Labor Day, September 7th, 2015. Patrons of the popular Hamptons eatery have had the benefit of enjoying Asnis’s paintings there over the years. But, followers of Ted’s work will definitely notice an exciting new direction in the artist’s style through this new exhibition of art.

Long revered for his traditional open landscapes depicting beloved Hamptons beach scenes and farmlands along with beautiful architectural renditions of local barns, boats and farmhouses, Asnis’s paintings have a history of capturing the spirit, beauty and light of Long Island’s East End.

His latest series of paintings reflect a bold, new contemporary approach with the artists’ current interest in developing abstract work. In so doing, he has developed a new technique of applying rich layers of paint with short, vivid strokes. Viewers will see many of the same local landscapes, often combining his earlier techniques with new. The result is a captivating and refreshing series of canvases illustrating beaches, bays and sunsets in a palette of vibrant colors. There is also a series of Abstract Expressionist paintings that are simply filled with those richly layered paint strokes. The new paintings are larger in scale, commanding a greater presence and often incorporating Asnis’s signature use of space, movement and perspective.