Jenny Brown, March 2014

by Ryan Salinetti

Jenny Brown was featured on The Nice Niche in June 2013...

You were featured on The Nice Niche in June, what have you been working on since?

I currently am working with Ghost Gallery in Seattle—I have pieces up in their "Petite Works" room. I also became a part of Enormous Tiny Art this February at the Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. I currently have a solo show up at Bogart Court in Scranton, PA for the month of March called "Lavender Lily Sea".

Is it just a coincidence that your art is finding itself hung on the walls of rather eclectic cities?

Yes, total coincidence…and all 3 are amazing spaces, and run by really great creators! I couldn't be happier about it.... All 3 experiences have been great!

When you are starting a new collage, is there a process that you tend to follow, or does each piece evolve as you go through your found materials?

It's a little different for each piece. I have some collage scraps/pieces for months, maybe even years, and I have many of them out on my workspace. They look different to me on different days! It's sort of like a puzzle, as I collect more collage, I add it to the the pile, and then see how it all fits together. THAT'S what really inspires me, putting two scraps together and see what they say to one another!

And the result of that conversation is pretty amazing... And so many of them -- do you have a favorite?

Right now, I'm feeling especially connected to Sea Web...

Sea Web

Sea Web

You share a great deal of your work on Instagram -- do you have a lot of people that follow your art connecting with you through social media?

Yes, Instagram, of all the social media platforms, has connected me the most with other artists, curators and art enthusiasts. I've made new friends (that I've actually ended up meeting in person) , gotten to be a part of shows & collaborative projects, and found other artists whose work I admire.

We are connected on Instagram too—I think it's safe to say you have the cutest cat around... Does Max appreciate your collage art as much as the rest of us?

Max likes to steal pieces of collage and hide them under the bed! :)



Jenny Brown is based in Providence Rhode Island...

She can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest