Elva Fields, October 2013

by Ryan Salinetti in ,

We took a summer break from our follow-ups... Bringing us back in from the beach we start anew with jewelry designer Emily Wheat Maynard of Elva Fields.

Emily was featured on The Nice Niche in February 2013.... http://theniceniche.com/elva-fields-jewelry.

What have you been working on since your posting on The Nice Niche?
We're still working on our Elva Fields collections, designing and making necklaces and earrings by hand in our tiny Kentucky studio.  We've also launched a new collection called Elva Fields Original Vintage, a curated collection of some of our favorite vintage and antique finds, offered at great prices with great fun!
What is the first piece of jewelry that you reach for on a daily basis to wear?
I literally wear these earrings 4-5 times a week...they're a staple for me and literally go with everything.

You work with a variety of colors and textures -- what inspires a new design?
The vintage materials...without fail.  They--almost always--give me all the direction and inspiration I need for each design.

My Grandmother would have loved your jewelry lines -- as does my young daughter… Do you find that your designs reflect the different generations of women in your own family?  
Absolutely!  My 91-year-old grandmother wears our jewels, as well as my mother and many of my dear friends, and we have teenagers that are Elva fans, too.  Here's hoping that my daughters (4 and 2) follow suit!