"Man’s impact on the landscape continues to be the basis of my work as I capture the feeling of the environment loosely based on what is currently happening in the world. In my new series I focus on the handling of the paint. I start with loose, expressive layers that slowly build up to more control and purpose. My layers are getting more complex as I play with color, contrast, shapes, and texture. My process is meditative and peaceful. It offers me a solution to the things in the world around me that I can not change. Painting allows me to participate in the world with a feeling of peace and control."—Kelly Neidig,  Featured on The Nice Niche in November 2014.

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About The Niche Gallery:
Within its virtual walls, the gallery features original artwork for sale from Artists previously featured here @
Motivated by a passion towards the creative community, The Nice Niche, LLC was created to provide a visual aide for Artists and Small Businesses.
The intention of The Niche Gallery is to further the availability of select Artists, making original works available on a global scale without having to go to a gallery.
And while the buying decision is made by the viewer online, the actual purchase becomes a personal and private exchange, as one would in a walled gallery.

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