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Jessica Pisano @ The Field Gallery, Martha's Vineyard

Opening reception is this Sunday, Aug 2nd (5-7) at The Field Gallery, Martha's Vineyard. Show runs through to August 15th.

The Field Gallery
PO Box 790
1050 State Road
West Tisbury, MA 02575
(508) 693-5595

PainterJessica Pisano returns to the Field Gallery with soft and misty seascapes and paintings of trees inspired by the local landscape. Inspired by nature, Jessica begins her paintings by documenting what she is drawn to in the outdoor world. She uses her camera to capture a scenic view, or she will sketch "en plein air." Jessica is interested in the notion of time and how atmospheric conditions and elements within nature change over each passing season, and she strives to create a patina in her work that pertains to this idea. To achieve this, Jessica creates many translucent layers in a painting that builds a sense of depth and a rich appearance to each piece.

Jessica Pisano uses a combination of acrylic, oil, silver and gold leaf. She also incorporates a handmade paste made from marble to create a subtle textural effect. The silver and gold leaf add a unique quality to the work in which light reflects off and emits a glow to the painting.

As the light changes throughout the day, so does the painting. Along with the beautiful effect the leaf has visually, Jessica also uses the silver and gold leaf as a symbolic element of time.