Linda Adato, June 2013

by Ryan Salinetti

Linda Adato was one of the original posts here on The Nice Niche:

Since your posting on The Nice Niche, what have you been working on?
Most recently, a monotype of an urban landscape and a new etching “Winter Wonder Wheel” which I worked on over the winter, after a visit to Coney Island. 

Are you originally from Brooklyn?
I was born in London, UK and immigrated in 1962 to the US. I lived in Southern California for 12 yrs before moving to New York. I moved to Brooklyn in 2010 to be close to grandchildren and to live in the city.

With so much diverse New York architecture to pull from, how do you pinpoint your themes?
I am attracted to an image basically for the composition and the interplay of lights and darks which work well in the etching techniques of line,aquatint and soft ground. For the monotypes I use oil paint on a zinc plate from which I print one image.

How has your practice changed over time?
I used to do only etchings, but some years ago I started doing monotypes as well: painting with oil paint directly onto an unetched plate and pulling only one print. With etchings I  print editions, usually of 50.

What do you most enjoy doing?
I enjoy working on both etchings and monotypes. With my etchings I have an image in mind but it is through the printmaking process that I discover the final print. I’m taking a journey from initial idea to final print. The monotypes are more spontaneous, but I look for the same structure and composition.

Featured from top:
"In the Center" monotype, 5 X 5.5", 2013
"Winter Wonder Wheel" color etching, aquatint and soft ground, 8.75 X 11.75" 2013
"Stepping Back" monotype, 11.75 X 11.75", 2013
"Urban Mosaic" monotype, 11.75 X 11.75",  2013

Linda is participating in the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show (18th St., Philadelphia) June 7-9, and recently had 6 etchings acquired by The Detroit Institute of Arts for their permanent collection. More of her work can be found via