5 Ways to Actually Make Resolutions Stick : Sakara Life - The Coveteur

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "As told to The Coveteur by the founders of Sakara Life...

The beginning of the year is insanely charged—love, optimism, hope, and passion circulate throughout the air so intensely you can’t help but get swept up in it. This is where New Year’s resolutions are born: in a sea of promise and possibility, fueled with so much commitment to making THIS YEAR THE YEAR THAT IT FINALLY STICKS. But then, like clockwork, you find yourself weeks into holiday indulgences, not quite squeezing into your jeans like before, traveling, existing off too little sleep (which you swore you would stop doing!), getting back to work, and, 'my god the gym is so damn full at the beginning of the year what’s the point in even trying'?

It’s easy for the resolve to start to wane, and before you know it you’re starting your day with excuses rather than gym sessions, and pretty quickly finding yourself thinking next year… next year will be the year.

We’ve been there. We have years of experience of throwing resolutions out the window, along with our will power, strength, and sadly, little pieces of our sense of worth. But the good news is, it so does NOT have to be this way. You can set resolutions, keep them, and kick 2015’s butt in a way that is effortless, balanced, fun, and doesn’t require saying NO to happy hour week after week as you sip on your fifth green juice of the day. We’re here to show you the light... get ready for a delicious ride..."

Sakara Life was featured on The Nice Niche in December 2013...