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by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "The tricky thing about those working in collage is it’s about the process. With Rosalind Brenner, it’s exorcising an outpouring of expression, influences, memories, results and impact. The compositions are not attempts to reconstruct memories, they’re entry points. “What’s inputted reality and what’s real? …Maybe that’s what’s happening for me when I’m working. I become very connected with flow. It’s not something that I’m planning, but I’ll see something emerging… and then I enhance them.” Each piece is an exploration and each stroke is a reaction to the things being explored. Her memories are fingerprints on her consciousness and those inform where each work goes...."—Nada Marjanovich

photo by deborah feingold

photo by deborah feingold

Rosalind Brenner was featured on The Nice Niche in January 2013...