Art Crush: Shawn Huckins | LEXIQUETTE

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "I was lucky enough to (accidentally) receive a press pass for the SCOPE art fair during Miami Art Basel, resulting in a mini artistic heart attack as I wandered like a madwoman through what I can solely describe as a colorful explosion of the world’s best contemporary art galleries. I had seen Shawn Huckins‘ work on Tumblr but glimpsing his paintings at the booth of San Francisco-based Hashimoto Contemporary Art Gallery made it all the better. Huckin’s latest American __tier series is a hilarious exploration of contemporary pop culture in relation to 19th century American paintings and photography through the re-contextualization of popular internet-generation slang in contrast with visual representations of a time in which the English language came in the form of individual communication and handwritten letters."—by lexiquette