Brian Walters - New Haven Living

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "To witness an artist perfecting his craft reveals the power to capture the zeitgeist. That's the experience when watching the sculptural creations of Brian Walters.

Walters’ lack of pretension is refreshing. The 35-year-old Walters grew up in a clapboard farmhouse in Bethel that his family built in 1907. After years of suburban encroachment, the original 75-acre farm now comprises but 6 acres.

Scattered throughout this land are assemblages and arrays of bolts, wrenches, railroad ties, bits of wire, assorted tools of unknown function, awaiting some higher use. When wound around a backbone of artful shapes, the scraps begin to communicate a plaintive soulfulness...."

Brian Walters was featured on The Nice Niche in June 2014...