Brian Walters, New Work—Laser Chaos

by Ryan Salinetti

This installation recently took place at the Alt space at City Wide Open Studios in New Haven.

"...Walters, whose Armory-inspired Laser Chaos marked the beginning of something new for the artist, used to sculpting with salvaged materials and metals. On Saturday, he described the site as a divine sign to turn to a new medium and see where he could go with it. “It was a blank space ... a blank canvas for me. What I wanted to do was to use this weekend as a catalyst to pursue this new installation work I’m doing. Laser Chaos ... it’s kind of an interview with the working of my brain, the inner thought process to creative projects in my life. This is definitely a departure from what I normally do, but City Wide Open Studios is a great venue to pursue the challenging projects that you have...”—New Haven Independent

Laser Chaos

There will always be focus within chaos.

This installation piece is an interpretation of what I would think that a cross section of my brain would look like if put under a microscope and expanded to a grand scale. Stepping out of my comfort zone as a sculptor who uses metal as his preferred medium I found this installation piece to be a great exercise in working in new materials. This installation gave me the opportunity to channel my thoughts and emotions into something that could be relatable to the viewer.

In this piece the viewer will notice a tight and chaotic grouping of many different wires, cords, rope and ribbon that evolve into a single strand of string. The symbolism with that single strand of string is that regardless of the daily chaos that is forced upon us with a little bit of effort we can regain that focus that seems to slip away from time to time. It never leaves us, it just sometimes gets tangled up with the trivial things that life presents us.

This was the first time that Laser Chaos was constructed. City Wide Open Studios, an event made possible by Artspace New Haven provided me the chance to create this piece. Artspace provided a wonderful venue to exhibit in, Artspace staff made every effort to supportive and /accommodating, two things that are a must when an artist is trying something new and unfamiliar. They also give the art/artist an audience as well. During this recent two day event 3000 people walked through the Alt Space (held at the Geoff Street Armory) I have to express my gratitude to Artspace Staff and all who attended this recent event, without them the success of this installation would not have been possible.

A very special Thank You must go out to Helen Kauder, the Executive Director of Artspace for her vision to highlight and support emerging artists in the region

This is only the beginning of the Laser Chaos series, expect to see this installation travel to different venues and grow in scale in the near future.

-Brian C.Walters II