Faculty Slide Jam opens VADA season, Mention Melinda Laszczynski via The Rice Thresher

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: " At the same time, in the student-run Matchbox Gallery, located in the Sewall courtyard, new artist Melinda Laszczynski will be opening her new exhibition, “Everything All at Once.” Laszczynski’s work is an intriguing amalgam of painting, sculpture and installation that features bright colors and diverse textures and materials. 

She said the paintings in her show are inspired by cakes she saw at Wal-Mart. 

“I liked how, though I wasn’t interested in eating the cakes, they still made bright and interesting sculptures,” Laszczynski said. “So when I started these paintings over the summer, I used the same color palettes and pipetted out of pastry bags to create that cake aesthetic.”

Laszczynski’s work will also feature a variety of mixed materials, including everything from hair clips to glitter. "—Kaylen Strench, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Melinda Laszczyski was featured on The Nice Niche in December 2013...