"Jazz in the Woodshop" featuring Craftsman Daniel Moyer | Matt's Basement Workshop

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "Inspiration comes from so many sources. Some of us find it internally, and for those of you who do, I’m eternally jealous.

If you’re like me, and look to others to help stimulate inspiration, I know you’ll find it in this beautiful piece of video highlighting designer and craftsman Daniel Moyer of www.danielmoyerdesign.com."

Honouring the grace of simple forms and the harmony of minimalism, Daniel Moyer infuses warmth, whimsy and superb craftsmanship into an iconic American furniture collection. Visit his website at http://danielmoyerdesign.com/ Show Love, the content company honouring the event, is dedicated to producing next generation social content and storytelling for “lovable” companies and projects. Earlier Show Love produced a “Jazz in the Woodshop” flipbook and video teaser in anticipation of this event. We invite you to visit www.showloveworld.com and http://www.danielmoyerdesign.com to see these stories and photographs of the collection for download. For more information, contact Peter or Chauncey: showlove@showloveworld.com Show Love LLC www.showloveworld.com ~~~ Music by Bon Iver

Daniel Moyer Design was featured on The Nice Niche in February 2014