One Man’s Garbage: Composting on the East End (Colin Ambrose) | The Sag Harbor Express

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "...Chef and gardening enthusiast Colin Ambrose composts at the restaurant garden at Estia’s Little Kitchen not only because compost is an efficient fertilizer, but also because it adds to the taste of the vegetables he grows and then prepares in his kitchen.

“I think Dan Barber says it very well in his book ‘The Third Plate,’ that the taste of the vegetable is the ultimate test of success,” Mr. Ambrose said.

“You can grow vegetables using organic methods without building the soil, and you can remain organic, but the taste isn’t going to reach the height that it would if it was reinforced the way that we’re talking about. Creating depth in the bed, with the various minerals and compounds in a good composting program, far exceed any kind of fertilizer, whether it’s organic or not,” he added..."—By Mara Certic

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