Sakara Life: Healthy Eating For the Woman On the Go

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "I am so jealous of people who have a private chef and a driver…there are no two things I want more (well materially speaking at least…)!! The biggest challenge for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle is my diet. You couldn’t pay me to miss a workout, but it is SO hard for me to buy/prepare nutritious meals that taste great and don’t get boring. It’s also surprisingly difficult to find pure foods with no fillers even at my health food store/Whole Foods (especially because I try very hard to stay away from soy). Now there’s a delivery program, Sakara Life, that is looking to change that by making healthy food accessible, though it doesn’t come cheap – five days of vegan-organic breakfast/lunch/dinner cost $410. Alternatively, you can opt for breakfast/lunch only, lunch/dinner only, just lunch, or just dinner if you’re looking to spend less or want to factor in being social/eating out."—By Sharon Feiereisen


Sakara Life was featured on The Nice Niche in December 2013...