Susan Marx, An Artist Meets her Muse via The Art Marketer

by Ryan Salinetti

"They call me Mme. Monet in jest, but they are right. I feel as if I have inherited the soul of Monet.

I had been painting a long while before I spent that decisive summer in Monet’s garden. That was when Monet spoke to me. I think his spirit was always with me, but that is where he made himself known to me.  And it was an epiphany.  My paintings took on a new life.

I walked on his Japanese bridge and painted on his Japanese bridge and then, I went beyond it. I have always liked impressionism, but now it has become part of me. It is an expression of my soul. Late Monet carried forward with my emotional brushwork and my heart.

This presence is always with me. I love color. I see color everywhere. I am drawn to a specific spot for some indefinable reason. I set up my canvas and paints. And look and look and look. Something catches my eye. I load up my palette. Pick up a brush, holding it as a conductor would hold his baton, and begin.

At that point, I don’t speak to the canvas; instead the canvas speaks to me. Whose voice is that telling me what to put where?  Has Monet’s psyche merged with mine? My feet are barefoot feeling the grass; I smell the flowers in front of me. I am transported. I paint but lose the concept of time. Fast, faster, passionately painting, furiously painting. I cannot get the colors down fast enough. Then suddenly I need air.  I stop and stand back. The séance is over. I have returned to the present. I think Monet is looking down from above, smiling."—Susan Marx

Susan Marx wrote this passage on a painting trip to Giverny. Her first experience there was so transformational for her, she has returned several times since, each time being more transformational than the next.

Her most recent trip this past May was perhaps her most inspirational and prolific.. affecting her in ways mere words cannot express. She painted on Monet's bridge, but her work traveled beyond it.

On her first trips, Susan used a smaller format for her work. This time, her canvases are larger, 30" x 24", so the forms have more room to move and her brush is larger. She paints in acrylics, so that she can paint color against color quickly, not needing to wait for the paint to dry.... Read More from The Art Marketer...

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