Wonderful plaster cast tiles of flowers by Rachel Dein of Tactile Studio | Flowerona

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "I’ve recently discovered the work of London-based artist Rachel Dein of Tactile Studio and thought I’d share some of her wonderful floral-inspired plaster cast tiles with you today. By making impressions initially in wet clay and then pouring plaster directly over them, she’s able to capture the intricate details of the flowers. She finishes and refines the casts by hand.  And some of them, she also paints using watercolours. Rachel’s favourite flowers to cast include Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding heart) and Japanese anemones. And she’s often commissioned to make wedding flower tiles for brides who wish to preserve their bridal bouquet...."—Rona Wheeldon


Rachel Dein was featured on The Nice Niche in April 2014...


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