An Interview with Featured Artist Shawn Huckins | Tampa Review Online

by Ryan Salinetti

Cynthia Reeser (TRON): What inspires your artwork?

Shawn Huckins: My work has always been inspired by mundane environments—environments everyday people may overlook and not see the potential beauty in, within the given surroundings. Especially with my early work, I found beauty in old rusted-down gas pumps, old ice cream shops, or even a used can of Turkey SPAM. My current paintings involve replicating 18th and 19th Century paintings and superimposing everyday, mundane text messages from people’s everyday lives. This early work is also inspired various artists that I adore, such as Edward Hopper, Ralph Goings, Robert Bechlte, and David Hockey to name a few.


Shawn Huckins was featured on The Nice Niche in July 2013...