Sakara Life Meal Delivery | Boston - DailyCandy

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "We prefer our dietary changes low effort and high impact. So when word came down that NYC-based Sakara Life had begun shipping its healthy eats up to Boston, our indolent ears perked up.

Founders Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle forwent careers in medicine and finance to focus on dietary wellness for harried souls. In their Westchester kitchen, they meld regional ingredients with global superfoods (chia, Brazil nuts, maqui berries) to craft seasonal plant-based dishes so creative the nutritious wallop is but a bonus. It’s not about dogma — they also believe beer and fried chicken to be parts of a balanced diet — but about learning to choose clean foods as your default...."—By Meaghan Agnew

Sakara Life was featured on The Nice Niche in December 2013...