Caroline Wright, New Work: My Art in a New App

by Ryan Salinetti

January, 2014
Austin, Texas

Quollective Social Media App partners with Abstract Artist Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright + Quollective.png

Quollective, a social network for styling and sharing quotes on iOS, is announcing a collaboration with the Austin-based artist Caroline Wright.  Wright, who is also a cellist, creates abstract art inspired by by jazz music, dance, and fashion design.  After studying at Brown, she spent several years living and working in an art collective in Paris, where she launched her career.  Her works are dramatic, colorful, and provide a unique perspective on nature.

In this creative collaboration with Quollective, Caroline is extending her unique abstract designs to digital social media, where users are now able to use her custom artwork to style quotes in the app.  Her unique filters are downloadable for all Quollective users alongside the existing designs by artists Kent Youngstrom, Michael Mullan, and Jessica Rust, among others.

"Caroline was brought to our attention by another Quollective artist, Kent Youngstrom," said Cordila Jochim, Quollective's founder. "Caroline's work is breathtaking, inspired by the lights and architecture of Paris, so we were taken with her work immediately. By the time we actually spoke with her, she was already enrolled in the opportunity, thanks to Kent. This artist-to-artist word-of-mouth tells us we've succeeded in making Quollective a win-win for our users and our artists."

Described as an "Instagram for Quotes", Quollective has been growing exponentially since its launch in June 2013. The app allows users to choose from custom filters, fonts, and artwork to style quotes and share with their friends on Quollective, as well as on all the popular social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Quollective plans to launch additional artist collaborations in early 2014. Quollective is free to download and available in the Apple App Store for all iOS devices.

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About Quollective:
Quollective provides a free iOS app that let's you capture, style, and share quotes. Quollective was founded in early 2013 by Cordila Jochim and Aydin Ghajar. Cordila Jochim is a former founder and designer of Thickskin leather accessories and principal of Corhouse Branding. Aydin Ghajar was most recently CEO of Thinkfuse, a team collaboration tool purchased by in 2012. He previously held product management positions at at iLike (a social music discovery platform and once the largest music application on Facebook), MySpace, MarketLeader, and other startups. Quollective's mission is to give people a simple medium to capture and share insights that transform their thinking and ultimately their life.

About Caroline Wright:
Caroline Wright is a painter and a cellist, interested in the emotional responses that happen when color, sound, and movement translate each other. After graduating from Brown with a double major in Visual Art and Art History, Wright moved to Paris and lived with artists from all over the world in a squatted, abandoned state building in Belleville. This creative and challenging environment imprinted the possibility of a life supported by and for art-making. Wright returned to Austin in 2007 to participate in the burgeoning art community of her hometown. She enjoys collaborating with dancers and musicians in live painting performances, always looking for new ways to communicate with immediacy and bring the viewer into the process. Wright is represented by Martine Chaisson Gallery in New Orleans and Navillus Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

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