McCall Wines - Livestock Farming Is Changing Agriculture on Long Island -

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention:"Novice farmers like the Browders are taking their place next to seasoned veterans like Russ McCall, 71, of McCall Wines in Cutchogue. In 2010, inspired by travels to Argentine ranches and by the Charolais cattle in Burgundy, Mr. McCall expanded the vineyard property to include a 100-acre ranch for Charolais. The breed is valued for its lean, slightly marbled beef. McCall Ranch produces a limited number of dry-aged steaks, chops, ground beef and rib-eyes each season.

“We sell out quickly. We have to put limits on how much people can purchase,” said Brewster McCall, 34, Russ’s son. McCall Ranch will harvest only 12 cattle this season, and will offer cuts of meat for purchase as it becomes available at the vineyard’s tasting room from mid-June through November."—By SUSAN M. NOVICK