Hamptons Aristocrat Offers Sustainable, Organic Fine Dining for Those on the Go | The Sag Harbor Express

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "...That natural progression from South Fork and Spoon has become Hamptons Aristocrat, “a sustainable and organic, fine-dining, family-style delivery service revolutionizing Hamptons weekending,” according to its menu.

Created by Ms. Stolz and her business partner, chef Louisa Young, Hamptons Aristocrat works with purveyors and suppliers including Green Thumb, Margin’s Farm, the Seafood Shop, Browder’s Birds, and Carissa’s Breads. A member of the Amagansett Food Institute, Hamptons Aristocrat is completely local and prepares the food it serves from the kitchen at Stony Brook Southampton..."— Kathryn Menu

Louisa Young & Lexi Stolz, by Rachel Toy

Louisa Young & Lexi Stolz, by Rachel Toy

South Fork & Spoon was featured on The Nice Niche in May 2014...