Pear Tree Preserves now live on Artizone! | Artizone Blog

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "Jams go well with just about anything, so we’re excited to welcome Pear Tree Preserves to Artizone! 

Thirteen years ago, Owner and Jam Maker Susie Kirkwood moved to the Midwest from Florida. “I was excited by all the midwestern orchards and farms. We did a lot of U-pick and I decided to start making jam with the extra fruit,” she said. “My grandmother was a great preserver…I grew up on her homemade jam and loved the idea of making my own. I started to give it away as gifts, and I loved making my own labels…it just grew from there.”—by Artizone


Pear Tree Preserves was featured on The Nice Niche in August 2013...