Slate: Caroline Z. Hurley : How to make an artisanal business scalable.

by Ryan Salinetti

Mention: "...When Caroline Z Hurley got her first big order for her eponymous textiles at a trade show in 2011, she quickly found she wasn't equipped to fulfill it. But a trip to India made her realize that the obvious outsourcing option would have created more problems than it solved: She doesn't repeat patterns or sell enough to meet the large-scale minimums at the factory she visited, making long-distance production pricey and impractical. So Hurley hired a consultant, who eventually led her to a small factory in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The factory is staffed by expert weavers and embroiderers from Guatemala, whom Hurley trained in her textile printing methods. Now she visits New Bedford every three to four months to check on production, and to share the new designs that she creates back in Brooklyn..."—By John Peabody